I'm Sherah (and that's Marty). 

I started my photography journey in 2008, right after I got married; I loved watching our wedding photographer and what she accomplished with our own wedding photos, and I wanted to learn how to capture that same feeling for someone else. Photography and I fell in love.

Marty and I have two little boys and one little girl, and they all like to wrestle and make funny noises and build crazy things together. Marty is also my second shooter. I typically take life a bit too seriously, but lucky for me, Marty is Mr. Free-spirit Man. He's a little crazy, and I really like him. You'll like him, too. We go on adventures, the two of us, cameras in hand. (We like to say that when the little ones are big enough to carry our gear bags, they can come on our adventures too. wink.) And most of all? We love God, the Creator of all this gorgeous, beautiful light we get to play around with. It takes my breath away.

I used to dream about traveling the country, taking photos of beautiful events and incredible places. Now, every once in awhile, I find myself on an airplane, headed to a wedding with photography gear in hand, pinching myself because is this really real?! I am amazed, honored, and I treat every wedding with that same awe… it's a privilege, a gift, a responsibility, a delight.

This website is my little art space, a virtual studio of sorts. I'm a photographer, editor, writer. I like taking pretty pictures, and I like to write. I could never draw very well, so instead, a camera and the keyboard are my brushes and paint.

Check out my blog and my Instagram feed -- you'll find posts with photos of blushing, beautiful brides and exquisite wedding-day details... right next to posts with photos of sticky-faced babies, or my overgrown garden, or our rain boots on a sloppy day. Personal and professional run together, lines are blurred, and the result? Clients who know us really well, and trust who we are, as people and as photographers.

We live in the Chicagoland area, and we take pictures anywhere. Hope to meet you soon.


(Pssst. "Sherah" is pronounced "SHARE-uh." :)